WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

RELFX Bar BC 5000 Puffs 0% 2% 3% 5% Nicotine Disposable E-Cigarettes Vape

From $5.63

RELFX Bar BC 5000 Puffs 0% 2% 3% 5% Nicotine Disposable E-Cigarettes Vape

From $5.63

RELX Bar BC5000 disposable e-cigarette is a true e-cigarette that delivers 5,000 mouth-watering puffs with customizable nicotine levels of 0%, 2%, 3%,5%.

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  • Type-C Rechargeable
  • Efficient And Consistent Power Delivery
  • 15ml Pre-filled E-juice
  • 0% 2% 3% 5% Nicotine Level
  • Satisfy Almost 5000 Puffs

Flavor List

1.Monster Drink
2.Strawberry Kiwi
3.Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
4.Strawberry Banana
5.Watermelon Ice
6.Orange Soda
7.Blueberry Raspberry
8.Peach Ice
9.Cherry Ice
10.Peach Mango Watermelon
11.Peach Mango Pineapple
12.Blue Berry On Ice
13.Watermelon Bubble Gum
14.Pink Lemon Date
15.Triple Mango
16.Mango Peach
17.Red Energy
18.Triple Grape
19.Cola Ice
20.Strawberry Watermelon

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Ytterligare information

Weight 0.08 kg

1.Monster Drink, 2.Strawberry Kiwi, 3.Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava, 4.Strawberry Banana, 5.Watermelon Ice, 6.Orange Soda, 7.Blueberry Raspberry, 8.Peach Ice, 9.Cherry Ice, 10.Peach Mango Watermelon, 11.Peach Mango Pineapple, 12.Blue Berry On Ice, 13.Watermelon Bubble Gum, 14.Pink Lemon Date, 15.Triple Mango, 16.Mango Peach, 17.Red Energy, 18.Triple Grape, 19.Cola Ice, 20.Strawberry Watermelon, 21.Random( Fast delivery)


0%, 2%, 3%, 5%, Random


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